Betting Rule

Betting Rules For Cricket

While cricket is not as globally popular as football or tennis, it is quickly gaining recognition in the online betting world. The different formats of cricket – Twenty20, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Test matches – provide a wide range of betting options, making it a favorite among bettors. You can place bets on anything from the coin toss to the match result, the top batsman to the top bowler, and much more. This guide aims to cover all available cricket bets; therefore, it is perfect for beginners who love cricket and experienced gamblers who want to diversify their portfolios.

Cricket Bets List

Bet Descriptions

  1. Match Winner: This simply involves choosing which team you think will win A match out of two competing teams. Cricket can be quite intricate with possibilities of ties mainly in Test and One days. In most cases if a game ends up being draw then that’s one of your possible outcomes for betting purposes; hence before placing any bets please check how does your provider settles such games.
  2. Top team batsman: This bet requires picking a player from particular side who’ll score highest number runs during entire event/series/game/season etc.. It’s safer going with well established players like Virat Kohli (IND), AB de Villiers(SA) or Joe Root(ENG). However they’re frequently chosen therefore have lower odds compared to others. In case there’re several players with equal number runs then heat rules are used where by your potential winnings divided into two halves.
  3. Top match batsman: Similar to above but you predict which individual out of all participates in the matches will end up being highest scorer.

Team to score most runs in first 6 overs

You bet on which crew will record the most number of points in the first six rounds of a game. This is not always associated with the winner of the match.

Most Sixes (Match Bet)

Predict which team will hit the highest number of sixes during a game. Watch out for sides with power-hitters such as Martin Guptill, Quinton de Kock, and David Warner.

Batsman Matches

This market involves pairing up two batsmen by the betting provider who are playing against each other or have been selected from different teams if they are playing on the same day. You then place your bet on which one among them you think will score more runs than his opponent.

Man OF The Match

You bet on which player will be awarded “Man of The Match”, given to the best performer in a cricket game usually won by someone from winning side and often star players come at lower odds.