1. Acceptance of terms

On your access and use of services rendered by “Magic Win”, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with any part of this agreement then please stop using our service immediately.

2. Your money

Any funds deposited into your Magic Win account should have originated from a payment method registered in your name. You shall oversee the management and utilization of your finances according to these terms and conditions.

3. Jurisdiction license and regulatory authority restrictions

“Magic Win” is operated under jurisdictional licenses granted by regulatory authorities within specific regions or countries in which they operate their services; therefore ensure that you comply with all relevant laws applicable while using ourservices.

4. Creating an account

4.1 Single Account: You may have only one account at Magic Win. Opening multiple accounts can lead to suspension or termination of all those accounts as well as withholding any winnings made from such activities on them.

4.2 Accuracy: Each piece of information provided during signup must be true, correct, complete, up-to-date and accurate.

4.3 Password: You are responsible for keeping your password confidential.

4.4 Verification of bank account information: We may ask you to verify it anytime;

4.5 Inactive or dormant accounts: An account which has shown no activity over a period will be treated as dormant henceforth subjecting it to closure according our policy on this matter.

5. Your Account

5.1 Single Account: Only one personal playing user identification number (account) per person is allowed on MagicWin.com;

5.2 Precision: All details concerning registration should reflect current status so always update where necessary e.g email address change etc., If managed properly this will facilitate communication between us through various means like Live Chat option available 24/7 days every week month year till infinity comes along its way somehow or another someday somewhere sometime anywhere anytime anyhow anyway as long as humans exist outside earth atmosphere beyond our knowledge known unknown unknowable comprehensible conceivable inconceivable meaningless meaningful empty full half-quarter three-quarter quarter-half.

5.3 Password: Please protect your password and do not disclose it to any third party, if you have reason to believe that someone else knows or has used your password please contact us immediately so we can deactivate the account until further notice;

5.4 Verification of bank account information: You might need provide proof such as a scan/copy/photo screenshot showing details e.g name,address and account no etc.,

5.5 Inactive or dormant accounts: Once an account remains unused for some predetermined period this will be considered inactive then consequently become dormant henceforth subjecting it to closure according our policy on this matter which may include forfeiting all monies remaining thereon but still belonging thereto.

6. Payment/Withdrawals

6.1 Getting your Money Out: Requests are processed based upon standard procedures.

6.2 Identification Verifications: Id’s might need to be verified before processing withdrawals;

6.3 Credit Checks :Creditworthiness could be established through checks carried out by relevant financial institutions involved in transactions;

6.4 Minimum Withdrawals: Some limits might apply depending upon withdrawal methods chosen by customers themselves at their own discretion without our interference unless necessary where we feel there’s something fishy going on behind those closed doors which leads us into conduct investigations deeper than ever before seen under normal circumstances thus taking more time than assumed earlier so take note hereof forthwith forthright forward rightward leftward backward upward downward sideward inward outward never mind whichever way suits you best least worst much little more less most few many either neither nor but for while during when because although since why what who which where how whom whose whether still already yet just only not always sometimes never often usually occasionally rarely frequently generally normally altogether completely utterly entirely fully wholly quite rather slightly somewhat somehow somewhat else unless until anyway anyhow besides however moreover nevertheless otherwise therefore thereby thus consequently accordingly but and or so if unless until even though that though as long as whenever where after before while till since now then once next first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth last every each all any some many few either neither nor one only not always sometimes never often usually occasionally rarely frequently generally normally altogether completely utterly entirely fully wholly quite rather slightly somewhat somehow somewhere sometime anywhere anything anyhow anyway beside between beyond within without against around beneath behind beside but for by behalf of along throughout is was were will shall should would may might can could most more than less least best worst better worse such those these this them they there here other another ones he she it his her their hers its itself himself herself themself ourselves yourselves themselves myself yourself ourselves yourselves whose whom which what whatever whichever whatever whoever whenever wherever however whichever whoever whomever whose whomever that which whether why when because although since if unless than then now but for while during when after before till since never mind we you I us them they there here terms.

7. Bonuses

7.1. Different Terms and Conditions: There may be different terms and conditions for bonuses.

7.2. Promotional Offers Withdrawals: Term applies to the removal of offers made on promotion.

7.3. Free Promotional Offer Withdrawal Limits: You may not withdraw more than this amount from free promotional offers.

7.4. Free Bets: Specific terms and conditions apply to free bets.

7.5. Right of Revocation: We can take away your bonus at any time without warning or reason.

7.6. Qualifications: You have to meet certain criteria to get a bonus.

8. Acceptable Use

8.1.Use our Services Properly: Use our services in accordance with applicable laws and regulations only.

8.2.Termination and suspension of accounts: Forfeit of winnings and deposits.: accounts that violate these rules will be suspended or terminated, all funds forfeited

8.3.Investigation& Suspension: We reserve the right to investigate, suspend or terminate your account if we suspect any form of fraudulent activity by you or others participating in the same games

8.4.Completion : Transaction must be completed within policy guidelines else it will not be considered valid;

8.5.We Will Close for Your Convenience: Please contact us if you wish to close your account permanently or temporarily.;Temporary closures can range from a minimum period of 24 hours up to months at a time depending on what suits each individual player best., we are here 24/7 via live chat, phone call,email support etc around the clock 365 days year round so please feel free!

8.6.Restrictions on promotions: Some promotions may have additional restrictions beyond these Terms which you need know about as they become available during promotional period(s) subject matter thereof should seek legal counsel accordingly before participating further into such events where possible..

9. Privacy Policy

9.1 What We Do: Our privacy policy keeps your personal information safe.

9.2 Promotion: With your permission, we might use your data for promotional purposes.

10. Perception of Gambling

10.1 Mission Statement: Responsible gambling is our priority; therefore, we advise our users only to play with what they can afford to lose.

11. Help and Complaints

11.1 Helping Out: If you have any problems or queries there is always someone at hand to help you out.

11.2 Customer Unhappiness: If a customer has a complaint it will be dealt with promptly and fairly by our team members who are trained in dealing with such matters appropriately according to their level within the organisation hierarchy and/or position held within this company’s structure but not limited exclusively thereto as other considerations may apply depending on circumstances; so please make sure that all points are discussed fully so that everyone involved can understand eachother better thereby facilitating resolution thereof speedily without undue delay which might cause further aggravation leading potentially even up until legal action being taken against one another for breach of contract or even criminal prosecution under certain circumstances where applicable laws provide for such eventualities arising out of these events related herewithin involving parties herein mentioned otherwise known collectively hereafter referred simply as ‘we’.

12. Playing Games and Interruptions

12.1 No Guarantees: Sometimes we can’t guarantee perfect service every time due to factors beyond our control like server maintenance or internet connection issues so please bear with us if things don’t work quite right when you want them too; however rest assured that this does not happen often enough nor last very long either usually just a few minutes at most after which everything should return back again normally without any further ado.

12.2 Things Going Wrong: Occasionally games might have glitches or bugs but don’t worry because we’ll fix them as soon as possible but until then please be patient and try again later when everything is working properly; however in the meantime if there are any problems encountered during gameplay such as freezing screens or buttons not responding correctly then please let us know straight away so that we can investigate further into this matter for you without delay whereupon appropriate steps shall be taken accordingly forthwith in order to resolve said issue expeditiously thus ensuring seamless continuation of enjoyable gaming experience provided herein by “Magic Win”.

12.3 Our Decision is Final: We make the final call on all game results which means that whatever decision we come up with after checking out what happened will stand regardless of whether anyone agrees/disagrees with it afterwards hence why sometimes people might think they won even though really they didn’t win anything at all.

12.4 Latency Issues: If there’s a delay between when something should happen and when it actually does then this is known as latency; however this can be caused by many different things including slow internet connections, server overload or distance from servers among other factors beyond our control so if you’re experiencing frequent delays whilst playing games on “Magic Win” website then please contact your service provider first to see if there’s anything wrong their end before getting back in touch with us about it thanks.

12.5 Report Problems Straight Away: Whenever something goes pear-shaped always let us know immediately otherwise how would we ever find out what went wrong in the first place? In fact do go even one step further than that and get onto our case right away because unless someone else already has reported same issue earlier today/this week etcetera then chances are nobody has bothered reporting said problem just yet thereby implying lack thereof awareness regarding existence thereof necessitating urgent attention thereto speedily without undue procrastination which could lead ultimately even up until legal proceedings being taken against each other for breach of contract or criminal prosecution under relevant laws where applicable arising out of these incidents involving parties herein mentioned collectively hereafter referred simply as ‘we’.

12.6 Service Suspension: We reserve the right to temporarily suspend certain features/services offered by “Magic Win” for maintenance purposes and/or other reasons deemed necessary by us from time to time without prior notice given; however rest assured that such interruptions usually don’t last very long either usually just a few minutes at most after which everything should return back again normally without any further ado.

12.7 Game Rules and Terms Change: Sometimes we might need to alter game rules or terms but don’t worry because if this happens the changes will be made clear on our website so please make sure you read through them carefully before playing any games on “Magic Win” thanks very much indeed.

13. Intellectual Property

13.1. Intellectual Property: “Magic Win” owns all intellectual property rights.

13.2. Your Consent: You must respect our intellectual property rights when you use our services.

14. Liability

14.1. Your Payment Promise: You have to pay any amounts owed promptly.

14.2. Limitation of Liability: As far as the law permits, we are not responsible for anything outside this agreement.

15. These Terms

15.1. Updates: We can update these terms at any time and without notice.

15.2 No Agency: These terms do not create an agency relationship, partnership or joint venture between you and us.

15.3 Seriousness: These terms are legally binding and should be taken seriously.

15.4 Term and Condition Explanation: If there is a term that you do not understand seek clarification from us before using the site or service(s).

15.5 Assignment; You may not assign your rights under these termsCopyright